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From the first days of operation, TMS Human Resource Joint Stock Company (TMS HR) has enjoyed the strong supports from all customers and partners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great suport and hope that we still can receive this support in the future.

Overview of our company:                  

Name: TMS Human Resource Joint Stock Company

Year of establishment: 2004

Head office

Address: 3rd Floor, Vimeco Building, E9 Lot, Pham Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi

Telephone: 84-4-7300 1788    Fax: 84-4-3769 0019



Year 2004

Established a labour export company to send the trainee candidates to other markets like Taiwan, Malaysia, Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Arab Saudi) and Europe

Year 2005

Established a flight ticket agency.

Established job center for domestic market.

Started real estate business and investment.

Year 2006

Started the labour export business to Japan

Being in the ranking of Top 10 labour export companies in Vietnam.

Year 2007 

Being in the ranking of top 100 businessman of Vietnam in 2007.

Leading the Taiwan market (accounting of 20% of Vietnamese workers in Taiwan).

Year 2012

Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply VAMAS ranked TMS HR as one of TOP3 companies sending trainee candidates to Japan.

Year 2013

Suffered from international and domestic crises, TMS keep on extending business operations, empower quality services, improving trainee candidates qualifications; thus we gain trust from government agencies, business partners also.

Directing and Managing Organizations:

- Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs MOLISA

- Hanoi People Committee HPC

- Japan International Training Cooperation Organization JITCO

- Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply VAMAS

Seen as the key subsidiary company of TMS Group, TMS HR is in charge of maintaining and developing the whole business  activities to ensure to its company brand to be in the top ones of Vietnam. Since 2009, two major markets of TMS HR are Taiwan and Japan only, instead of other markets such as Malaysia, Middle East countries and so on. 

TMS started and won our business of labour export to foreign countries. In Japanese market, we were one of some private firms to receive the license and became one of the most prestigious suppliers of international manpower to overseas in Vietnam. We sent the trainee candidates in good health conditions, professional working skills, good Japanese qualifications to our partners in Japan. We commit to follow all the Vietnamese and Japanese regulations, and the specific requirements of trainee candidates program requested by our clients.

Out of the total number of trainees sent to Japan, more than 98% of them reached N3 certificate before coming to work in Japan and at least 98% of all recommended trainees are successfully offered the jobs in their target country. Since 2010, several vocational training schools were built in Hanoi and started their operation with the capacity of just over 2000 workers at first. All of our trainees are well-trained in various fields, from mechanical manufacture to garment and so forth.  

With great effort and governance of the board management along with support of partners and employees, TMS HR became one of the top companies in Vietnam specialising in labour supply to Taiwan and Japan. TMS HR always accounted for a minimum of 15% of Vietnam’s labour market share in each country and owned up to 8 training campuses with the capacity of over 8000 workers sent to Japan annually.

Furthermore, to better the support for trainees in Japan and Taiwan, we have developed our strong networks of senior executives and supporting teams with 20 representative offices in Japan, 3 representative offices in Taiwan, over 120 employees working in both countries since 2013. 

Many staff members have commited to dedicate to TMS HR in the long run with a common target of developing TMS HR becoming the top supplier of international manpower in Vietnam. Without the great support from our partners and shareholders, reliance from trainees and day-to-night devotion of our staff members, we cannot obtain the excellent achievements today. The percentage of loyal employers re-employing the company’s workers always remained at over 95%. 

We strongly believe that with strong support from clients, shareholders, partners and employees, we can achieve all the targets set at the beginning.
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